Walter Baco


Walter Baco was born on 19 th of June 1952 in Vienna . He works as an author, director, choreographer and composer. Walter Baco has published several books and CDs (mainly instrumental music) His music is played on different theatre venues as well as by TV stations throughout Europe . He has a Bachelor Degree in Art and studied philosophy as well as music (composition for audio-visual media). Walter Baco had appearances, concerts and readings in Austria 's major cities and has been invited for co-operations worldwide. His specialty is to take several art forms and create one all-embracing experience. These theatre and music productions had guest performances in all of Europe ( Paris , Zurich , Prague , Frankfurt, Bonn , Leipzig , etc.).

Attendants describe his work as "heartwarming, joyful, breathtaking, and full of innocence, beauty and harmony apart from being naive".


“Congratulations, Mr. Baco. I have to admit, I am deeply impressed by your music. I have been listening to your CD “Europiano” twice, which happens seldom. As Austria is too small a place, I sent the music right away to Warner Ltd. in Hamburg .”

Günter Unger, Warner Music, Vienna

“I appreciate your piano music very much. It reminds me of Keith Jarrett.”

Wolfgang Schüssel, Chancellor

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