The Viennese Carousel Theatre was founded in 1993 by Walter Baco, Peter Lodynski, Aidan Bell and Sandra Kreisler. (Peter Lodynski has won the Golden Rose of Montreux). It is a unique amongst ballet companies, since there are not many groups worldwide that canoffer neo-classical ballet combined with modern elements.

The dancers come from Germany , Hungary and Austria . The ensemble consists of: Maria Therese Leopoldsberger, Jason Ziegelmaier, Lena-Katharina Kraus,
na Ruth Sánchez Martínez, Nina Crobath, Sandra Zelechowski, Dorothea Rebecca Schönsee and is directed by Walter Baco.

The productions are to a very high professional standard, each one leaving the audience deeply touched and enchanted. There is always a good sense of humour to the show, as well as plenty of action.

Carousel Dance is regularly invited to perform as a highlight at galas, official governmental ceremonies, celebrations and openings of great exhibitions such as Niederösterreichische Landesausstellung or Austria 's 50-year-anniversary Celebration in the historic setting of Upper Belvedere Garden in Vienna.

Besides short highlights, Carousel offers full evening programmes for special occasions: Christmas, Europe , Wedding or Ballroom Ceremonies. The group have worked indoors and outdoors and has experience with special effects such as Fire, Laser-Shows, and Water-Shows. They are happy to cooperate with poets or other artists internationally and are able to design a complete new show according to your wishes and requirements.

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